Buying process

When you make a decision about buying your property of choice in Turkey, we will prepare your sales contract. At this stage you will need to pay a minimum deposit of 1000 Euro (or equivalent amount in an alternative currency) to secure your property. If you have already arranged your finances prior to visiting Turkey, then we will move forward to confirm a payment plan with you in agreement with the developer/owner. However, If you would like to arrange your finance in Turkey you will be able to speak to our financial advisor about mortgage options in Turkey.

Money Transfers
Once you have a payment plan in place, your next step will be to transfer the money to the developer/owner at the agreed timeline. In general most of our properties are listed and paid for in the Euro currency. If your funds are already in Turkey then you will be able to pay directly in cash to the developer/owner. However if your funds need to be transferred from your country then you can simply arrange a direct transfer from your bank account. However, if your currency needs to be exchanged to Euros then you will need to find a suitable foreign exchange dealer in your country who is able to exchange your money at a competitive rate. Once your money is exchanged into Euros, your dealer will be ready to transfer the money directly to the developer/owners account. Please contact us about our recommended currency exchange professionals.

Final step – Stop dreaming and start buying
Turn your dream into a reality; thousands of foreigners are purchasing properties in Turkey every year, pushing up the property prices by demand. So have your share of the advantages, after all they cannot all be wrong.

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