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An inspection trip to Turkey step by step: 

We recommend that you come and see for yourself what a fantastic country Turkey is and wealth of history and culture on offer. We sincerely believe that you will fall in love with this location and will want to invest and enjoy life here!

The ‘Inspection Trip’ is an opportunity for you to gather information and view first-hand the properties in our portfolio. We have a wide variety of properties on offer and our first step is to always discuss with you your individual requirements. We then select properties to view that are suited to your budget and right for your needs.

Your flights, airport transfers and hotel accommodation will all be arranged by us. Our inspection trips are 100% tailored around your needs and budget and the schedule is dictated by the flights from your national airport to Turkey and Antalya. During your stay in Turkey we guarantee you our full personal attention, combining property viewing and a sunny break all in one.

Booking dates
We want to guarantee that you have our undivided attention and therefore we request that you please notify us in advance about your planned dates to visit Turkey so we can ensure that your preferred dates are booked into our schedule.

Travelling to Turkey
Once you have confirmed your dates to visit Turkey we book your flights to and from Antalya and will arrange your airport transfer on arrival and departure direct to the hotel.

Hotel Accommodation
We will provide you with a minimum guarantee of a 3 star hotel accommodation, and ensure that you are in a comfortable and pleasant environment during your stay here in Turkey.

Introduction Meeting
Our Agent will arrange a time to pick you up from your hotel and bring you to our office. At our introduction meeting we will discuss your planned property viewings and itinerary during your stay in Turkey. We will give you an outline about the formalities and procedures of buying a property in Turkey and also tell you about our services during and after the sales process. Rest assured that we will always tailor your itinerary around your own individual needs and budget.

Getting around
You will have your own private air-conditioned car and our Agent at your disposal for your Inspection tour. We will always pick you up from your hotel when viewing properties and when we take you on a tour of the area. We offer a friendly and personal service where you will always have your own agent who speaks your language and will be with you every step of the way.

Property viewings
Once you have selected the properties that you would like to view, then we will put together all the information for you including a property brochure, floor plans, price list and other relevant details. You will then visit each property and we will organise a consultation for you with the developer on site so that you are able to obtain accurate information about the project.

After viewing your selection of properties, we will have a review meeting with you in the comfort of our offices. Here you will have an opportunity to ask more detailed questions and let us know your thoughts. If at this stage you have chosen your dream property then we will move forward to the buying procedure. However if you decide you would like to see more properties then we will show you other options within our portfolio.


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